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7 Mac OS X Lion Power Tips

July 22nd, 2013, posted in Mac

The best Power Tip of them all:
Just upgrading to Lion will do your Mac the world of good. It has a slightly smaller footprint than Snow Leopard and will make your machine run faster too.


#1 Learn gestures:

Spend a few minutes in System Preferences watching the video in your Trackpad section. Here you’ll find guides on all of the new gestures. A good grip of these and you’ll be a much more savvy Mac user in no time.


#2 Protect your kids:

Setting up Parental controls is easier than ever on a Mac. Go to System Preferences where you can limit the time your kids spend online, as well as monitoring the apps they use and information they can access.


#3 Set up keyboard shortcuts for apps:

You can quickly and easily set up shortcuts for apps like Mission Control and Launch Pad. This gives you an extra-quick way of launching them. Set this up in seconds using your System Preferences.