Add and Merge Calls on iPhone to Create a Conference Call

The iPhone’s phone app has a great feature that lets you add additional callers to an existing conversation to create a conference call, and it’s surprisingly easy to use:

  1. While on a phone call, tap the + “Add Call” button, then use your Contacts list or keypad to dial another number
  2. The original conversation is temporarily placed on hold while the call is made, once the call is connected tap the “Merge Calls” button to add the new contact to the existing phone conversation
  3. Repeat as necessary to add more people to the conference call

There are many obvious uses for conference calling, try this out the next time you’re trying to arrange plans with multiple people. This feature may not work on iPhones using the CDMA network, but it definitely works with GSM.

Similarly, you can send group text messages, creating a group chat of sorts through iMessage.

It has been noted that there may be a limitation to 5 callers and it could be available feature for some operators.

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