Fix: After apps update, iTunes remains stuck on processing file


If you have Apps that requires updating in your iTunes library, and you’re stuck at the Apps updating process; then this is what you should do:

  1. Exit iTunes (if not possible, force-kill it in task manager, Ctrl-Alt-Del > Task Manager, right click on iTunes and select “End task”).
  2. Delete every folder in this directory:
    • Mac OS X:
      ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Downloads
      Note: The tilde (~) refers to your Home directory.

    • Windows Vista:
      UsersusernameMusiciTunesiTunes MediaDownloads

    • Windows 7:
      UsersusernameMy MusiciTunesiTunes MediaDownloads

    • Windows XP:
      Documents and SettingsusernameMy DocumentsMy MusiciTunesiTunes MediaDownloads

  3. Start iTunes and start your downloads again.

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